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Brick (Adoptive Son), Blossom (Adoptive Daughter-in-Law), Butch (Adoptive Son), Buttercup (Adoptive Daughter-in-Law), Boomer (Adoptive Son), Bubbles (Adoptive Daughter-in-Law)


Inventor, Scientist, Doctor

Mr. Weasel originates from the cartoon I.M. Weasel. He is the adoptive father along with being the stable father-figure that the Rowdyruff Boys has. He cares deeply for the boys and by extension the girls. He gets along well with Professor Utonium as they bounce ideas off each other.


Weasel appeared during the battle of the Rowdyruff Boys and Jenny, taking notes of said battle to record the progress of the Rowdyruff Boys. After the battle was over Dr. Brisbaine requested him to deliver the reports to him the next morning. Weasel didn't make another appearance till the science fair, in his new design which bears more resemblance to his appearance in the original show. He appeared alongside his partner Dr. Ghastly. He was also one of the casualties of the attack on the science fair, but was saved by Courage, but later faced was consumed by the giant explosion along with Dr. Doofensmirtz. After the explosion it is revealed that Weasel was there on account of Dr. Brisbaine. He made a phone call which would send the Rowdyruff Boys to eliminate all of the Cluster robots at the Center for the Arts while the Powerpuff Girls were fighting down below.


He is a weasel with red fur, in his first design his head was much smaller than later where his head is longer and more square. The area around his mouth was also blonde fur and later red tufts were added on his cheeks. He still has a blonde belly but doesn't wear the ankle bands anymore. He does wear a professor coat with a black blouse and tie and in addition to that also wears small glasses.


I.M. Weasel is the extremely gifted and talented protagonist of the series. He is a handsome young weasel who, although famous, is not snobby or stuck-up and is rather generous (for in one episode he donated his kidney to a sickly little boy in a kidney transplant) and is the distinguished celebrity who everyone admires. He is highly intelligent and has many skills [both social and practical], and is proficient in most known professions. Though Weasel was never a bully to him, the fellow main character I.R. Baboon and is always trying to top the admired Weasel because he wants an equal or better share in admiration, though unlike his rival, Baboon is extremely idiotic and the target for ridicule because of his bright red buttocks, but Weasel tries to generously help out his friend. Weasel is often assisted by a beautiful woman named Loulabelle who likes to dress as a nurse.



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